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Comprehension For Competitive Exams With Answers | School Learning

Comprehension For Competitive Exams With Answers | School Learning– Dear readers, we are back with another passage of comprehension in which we focused on school learning. Because in nowadays almost every competitive exam carry questions based on comprehension. So read carefully the passage and try to find out the appropriate answers of every question. For you convenience we have provided the answers at the last of article. But first try to find out yourself.

Passage 2

School Learning

I am convinced that school learning is unnatural and bad for human beings. In school, we sat on the floor and chorused our lesson. The teachers were terrible. They would write something on the board, ask us to take it down and go out to gossip or to smoke beedies. I was very naughty. I got punished and thrashed very often. But it did not stop me from mischief. My family insisted that I should attend school, but did not scold me when I failed. I barely managed to pass each year. It was the same story when I joined college. What a relief it was to know that I need never to go into a classroom again.


1. From the passage which one of the following statement appears to be true?

a) The teacher used to punish the author everyday

b) The punishment given by the teachers helped to improve the behavior of the author

c) The punishment did not stop the boy’s mischief

d) The punishment was so mild that the author enjoyed it

2. ‘I scraped through my BA examination’ means that the author passed the BA examination-

a) With great difficulty

b) Easily and with credits

c) Using unfair means

d) Only after several attempts

3. Which one of the following statements truly indicates the author’s opinion about the education system?

a) The author is appreciative of it

b) He is highly critical and sarcastic about it

c) He thinks that it is good but the teachers are bad

d) He thinks that it is imperfect but can be improved


  1. a) option  c) is the correct statement
  2. a)
  3. b)

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Updated: February 12, 2017 — 3:35 am

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